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Rebekah Lawton

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Rebekah has grown up with Chiropractic.  From her first adjustment at the age of three days to her wellness visits as an adult she continues to spread the word of Chiropractic and how it has affected her life.  As a child she rarely needed a sick day, due to her being well adjusted and kept in optimum health. 

As a senior in high school she was involved in a major car accident that resulted in her losing the cartilage in her knee.  The surgeon told her that she would be lucky to be walking with cortisone shots after the age of 21.  Currently she is 30; still walks and moves as if the accident never occurred all without pain killers.  She attributes her success to her Chiropractic Care. 

She has worked at Clark Chiropractic Centre off and on for 15 years.  Her belief is that everyone deserves optimum health and should be seen by a chiropractor to be in the best health they can be.  Rebekah is also an advocate for children being seen with their parents so that the whole family benefits from Chiropractic Care.  Be sure to call her if you have any questions, she is happy to help anyone.

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